cloud and accounting solutionsIt took longer than expected, but businesses around the world are beginning to embrace the potential in cloud technologies and are taking full advantage of the savings these technologies offer their businesses. Recent research shows that the uptake of cloud services in small to medium business has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

How does cloud work for business?

Cloud-based solutions act as external hard drives for all of a business’s software and documentation. Files and programs are uploaded to the cloud and can then be accessed at any time, by any person, in any location, provided that person has been granted access. One of the most popular and well-known cloud-based storage systems is Dropbox, a solution that is used by thousands of businesses across the globe without them necessarily even realizing they are using a cloud-based service.

Why is a cloud-based solution so important?

One of the most important aspects of saving all your business data to cloud is security. Not only can you now avoid the all-too-common scenario of vital documents and files going missing when an individual’s laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, but today almost all cloud solutions come with highly developed security features that will encrypt your data several times and make it impossible for important materials to be lost or compromised.

When you consider that having everything available in cloud enables your business to function and expand anywhere in the world, with access available any time, anywhere, it quickly becomes obvious why these solutions are fast becoming an integral part of small to medium businesses everywhere.

How specifically can cloud-based solutions save time and money?

Aside from the obvious savings associated with never losing data and always having your most important files and documents close at hand, cloud is of most value to a business when it helps that business quickly and efficiently roll out its software and systems across new territories. Cloud isn’t just growing itself; it’s a tool that is currently helping countless businesses grow in a lean and economical way.

No longer does a company have to pay out for a team of IT professionals, use their own expensive hardware or draft pricey tech support contracts with third parties. A simple, cost-effective contract can be drawn up with a cloud-based service provider which will usually charge based on the number of staff and the number of devices accessing the data. A small company will pay a lower amount; a larger company will pay more. Crucially, businesses will be able to scale up and down these services, allowing them to cut back or grow as necessary.

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