Why work at TJD Accounting Services?

TJD Accounting Services, we are an accounting firm for grown-ups. The way we work is by recruiting experienced accountants and then providing them with a list of interesting clients to look after.

Tjd Accounting

As an accountant on our team, you will be expected to proactively handle these clients from start to finish, providing required services to existing clients, while also developing new client relationships as the need arises.

TJD Accounting Services and You

At TJD, we encourage a level of autonomy.

You will have access to an experienced group of colleagues to assist you, act as a sounding board, and provide support.

TJD also encourages our senior staff to mentor their clients to do the simpler tasks and use outsourcing resources for more junior level tasks.

You will doubtless have deduced by now that this role requires a combination of good technical knowledge, along with the ability to handle the client directly.

Clients of TJD Accounting Services

Our clients look for us to mentor them, support them and advise them.

In short, we are a firm of self-starters who love challenging work and doing a great job for clients.

Accountants on our team tend to stay for a long, long time.

We allow staff to develop their role, client base and own specialties, which encourages longevity.

Our team enjoy flexible working hours, with the overriding goal being to complete client work on time and on budget.

Generally, the office hours start around 9AM, out the door by 6PM.

However, all members of our team enjoy flexible working hours and the option of working partly from home. The overriding criteria is getting the client work done, output, as opposed to working a set number of hours, input.

If you are interested, send us an email, with some background and detailing why you would be a good fit for TJD.

Our email address: admin@tjdaccounting.com.au

TJD Accounting Services

Work at TJD Accounting and be part of a professional team with mentorship provided by senior staff.

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