Will you be ready at tax time?

Prepare for your income tax with TJD Accounting Services an Essendon accountantPrepare for your income tax return! Over 12 million Australians lodge tax returns each year. According to the Australian taxation office (ATO), on average, over 350,000 people per year are contacted to correct errors.

These errors range anywhere from exclusion of secondary job income to bank interest received.

Most taxation issues are avoidable, which is why we recommend using TJD Accounting Services to get your tax return completed and correct every time.

Here are some steps to take before meeting up with us to do your returns.


Prepare for your income tax return

Make an appointment with your accountant that is the first thing to do. It’s important to take the first step of arranging a meeting to prepare your taxes, as waiting too long may mean missing your lodgement deadline leading to penalties by the ATO.

What information should I bring with me to complete my taxes?

  • To help prepare for your income tax return appointment, we’ve supplied a checklist of what you’ll need to bring on the day;
  • Employer payment summary
  • Work related travel and technology expenses, including internet and mobile phone expenses
  • Work related clothing, laundry and dry cleaning expenses
  • Other work related expenses
  • Work related motor vehicle, total kilometres travelled
  • Self-education expenses
  • Cost of managing tax affairs
  • Private health insurance statements
  • Gift and donation tax receipts
  • Interest earned on bank accounts, shares and investments
  • Interest and dividend deductions
  • Rental return from investment property or properties
  • Expenses related to owning an investment property
  • Other deductions
  • Spouse’s income, required for various tax offsets
  • EFT details for refund purposes
  • Dependent details

Now you’ve collected all relevant information, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your tax return and prepare you for future years.

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