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Business Advice Your Business Activity Statement Are you lodging BAS returns on time? Most businesses need to lodge their business activity statement, (BAS) each quarter (i.e. 1st July to 30th September). Your BAS returns due date depends on whether or not you do it yourself or use a tax agent. However we find that completing…

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Superstream Compliance Update

ATO and SuperStream Compliance The Australian Taxation Office has extended the SuperStream compliance deadline from 30th June to 28th October 2016 for small businesses. To recap, SuperStream is electronic payments for super that pay many funds in one transaction.  All that is needed from your employee is: Tax file number Employees super fund ABN Unique…

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Keep Customers Happy And Have Extra Money In Your Pocket

Small business outsourcing Can you afford not to outsource some of your small business activities? Have you aligned your products and services to the way customers are now buying?  With the introduction of the web and its ever changing landscape customers now expect products and services to be aligned to them and their needs.  The…

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Natural Disasters And Your Finances

Small business and natural disaster preparation Small business and natural disaster preparation is something that should be in your business planning. Generally, our office houses all our important documents right down to our children’s first teeth. All easily accessible at any time we may need those records. What would happen though if disaster struck wiping…

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10 Tips To Starting A Small Business

Thinking of starting a new business? Before you even consider these 10 tips to starting a small business. The absolute most important thing to do is stay calm and neutral. It’s very easy to get carried away by excitement and ignore the in your face warning signs that something isn’t right. With close to half of…

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Should You Buy A Holiday Home?

Buying a Holiday Home So, you loved the holiday, the location, watching the kids run free, uninhibited of mobile devices, the relaxed atmosphere was amazing and now you’re thinking about buying a holiday home. ‘What if we buy one’. ‘We can have this all year round, worry free’. Does this sound like you? If you…

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Flow Charts Budgets And Staff

What does a Flow chart do for your business? Flow charts in business are a great tool for providing an overall picture of the separate steps involved in a sequential order. Elements of the flowchart can include, sales processing, order fulfilment, shipping, sequences of actions, inputs and outputs of services and materials, decisions to be…

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Positives And Negatives Of Negative Gearing

Property Investment with Negative Gearing Property investment with negative gearing involves discipline, longevity and an understanding of risks. Thinking about buying an investment and using your mortgage as the gearing tool to fund an investment? There are pros and cons to the method of negative gearing.  When the market is good the returns are good,…

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Tips To Increase Value In Your Business For Future Sale

How to start planning for the sale of your business Increase the value in your business for sale, at some point in the future. At some point most business owners will consider retiring or moving on to a new career, therefore careful planning should be put in place to ensure your business is as appealing…

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Solutions For Common Business Problems

Plan and Relieve Uncertainty Uncertainty in the market place creates the need to focus on the present, neglecting the future needs and growth of the business. Therefore it’s important to balance short term goals with a long term approach. Short term results are just that and a business does not survive the long haul without…

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