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Archive for March 2016

How To Prepare For Your Tax Return In 2017

Will you be ready at tax time? Prepare for your income tax return! Over 12 million Australians lodge tax returns each year. According to the Australian taxation office (ATO), on average, over 350,000 people per year are contacted to correct errors. These errors range anywhere from exclusion of secondary job income to bank interest received.…

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Natural Disasters And Your Finances

Small business and natural disaster preparation Small business and natural disaster preparation is something that should be in your business planning. Generally, our office houses all our important documents right down to our children’s first teeth. All easily accessible at any time we may need those records. What would happen though if disaster struck wiping…

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10 Tips To Starting A Small Business

Thinking of starting a new business? Before you even consider these 10 tips to starting a small business. The absolute most important thing to do is stay calm and neutral. It’s very easy to get carried away by excitement and ignore the in your face warning signs that something isn’t right. With close to half of…

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Should You Buy A Holiday Home?

Buying a Holiday Home So, you loved the holiday, the location, watching the kids run free, uninhibited of mobile devices, the relaxed atmosphere was amazing and now you’re thinking about buying a holiday home. ‘What if we buy one’. ‘We can have this all year round, worry free’. Does this sound like you? If you…

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